STS & HIST 2054: Engineering Cultures (Online) Syllabus

Fall 2020 CRNs: 90077 & 85639 Instructor: Joshua Earle Email Address: Office Hours: Remotely (via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, or other program) by appointment Description Engineering Cultures is a not a conventional history course with all the topics centered on the same period or place. Rather, it is a non-traditional course which introduces bothContinue reading “STS & HIST 2054: Engineering Cultures (Online) Syllabus”

Technology and Disability Summer II 2020

Course Syllabus STS 3284: Technology and Disability Description This undergraduate course is designed to introduce students to the material cultures surrounding disability, the social meaning of “health” technologies, and the lived experiences of those who deploy, resist, and wrestle with technologies aimed at their bodies and minds. Having successfully completed this course, undergraduate students willContinue reading “Technology and Disability Summer II 2020”